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Belted by Beauty's gallery "Office Nightmare, pt.2".
Belted by Beauty

This site have the selected UK's hottest models and armed them with Belts for some totally unique and exciting action. Full-Power Belt Whipping dealt out by beauty!
Humiliation and pain. Every blow a pistol shot... Just check the galleries here...

Office Nightmare, pt.2

The PA always was a bit of a wimp, but when the CEO found fem dom on his laptop, his fate was sealed. At first She was sympathetic to his fantasies, but over time She changed things, drawing him in tighter, collecting personal information about him and taking humiliating pictures. Now he is trapped in a world of his own making. A living hell, obliged to work for nothing or be exposed. His fantasies long since burned out. At the mercy of the corporate tyrant and Her friends. Stripped of all dignity with no way out.

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